Sistem Starter Motor Listrik 3 Fasa Dengan Auto Trafo

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Did you name them immediately to allow them to know? Wow! I can’t imagine the mechanic didn’t even road take a look at the automobile after they had been performed the work. The street check is the most rewarding part of being a mechanic, and most mechanics just do not spend the time to do it. Most problems like this could be eradicated in the event that they solely took the time to street test. Maintain me posted on what occurs John, thanks for the updates so far.

Yes, it sounds about right, check out your tires and see if the tread is worn even with no chop or uneven floor. If your tires look good, then you definitely simply need to determine which wheel bearing is making noise. Don’t let the mechanic tell you that one is worn and you must replace each wheel bearing, solely exchange the wheel bearing that is broken. Let me know how you make out James, take care for now.

I need assistance diagnosing a entrance wheel bearing drawback or CV downside. At very low speeds (10 mph or less) I hear a grinding noise up entrance as I accelerate or break. The grinding only occurs at low speeds and will go away as soon as I get above 10 to 15 mph. I do not feel any play within the steering wheel and there is no noise when I flip the car. My problem occurred after driving via high water.

Hello Dan, a thumping noise is often attributable to flat spots on a tire, pad impressions on a rotor, or something stuck to a tire. Internal CV joints can even cause a thump noise, however the noise can be accompanied by a vibration on acceleration. Outer CV joints often click on when turning tight corners and accelerating, but no thump usually. The noise you’re describing sounds like it in sync with wheel speed, so I might begin taking a look at all the pieces that turns with the wheels. Let me know if this helps Dan, if I am off track, give me some extra information so we can get you moving in the suitable direction 🙂 Thanks.

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