Beware of Failure to Drive a Matic Car

Both with automatic car or manual car transmissions are equally at risk of having an accident. That is why, for those of you who drive frequently, it is important to have traffic accident insurance so that you can be protected from financial loss when this condition occurs. Even so, did you know that there were some carelessness of automatic motorists that made them more at risk of accidents compared to manual cars? The following are some of them:

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Incorrect Accelerator pedal

This usually happens to people who are just learning to drive or people who are accustomed to driving automatic cars using 2 legs. In people who are just learning to drive a car, their reflexes are still very low. As a result, the risk of stepping on the Accelerator pedal will be even greater. However, this condition can also occur in people who drive automatic cars with 2 legs. When unexpected conditions occur, many panic and step on the gas while what is really needed is the brake pedal. As a result, the car actually drove optimally and hit whatever was in front of it.

Do not enter neutral gear when stopping

It is highly recommended that you use neutral gear when you are at a red light or are in traffic. Why is that? Because, if you continue to use the brakes during these conditions, will accelerate the wear and tear of the car brake. Not only that, using the foot brake at that time also risks causing accidents such as crashing into a car in front of you. This usually happens if you unconsciously release the brakes from your foot because you focus on something else. Even though the automatic car, when you release the brakes, the car will go at low speed even though the gas pedal is not stepped on.

Wrong shift

Each gear in the car has its own function, including the automatic car. But what you need to watch out for, shifting gears on some automatic cars is very easy. Unlike the manual car that requires a special pattern to move it. This often makes automatic motorists unaware when the car shifts due to accidentally being knocked off. That is why, before removing the accelerator brake pedal and stepping on the gas pedal, you must first ensure that the gear is in the correct position.

Hopefully by being aware of the negligence above, you can avoid the risk of accidents.

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