What to Look for in a Used Car

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You’ve decided that you will buy a car. Your decision has led you to buy a used car instead of a brand new one at a dealership.  There are some things to look for when getting a used car.  Some of these cars could be more damaged than advertised. The sticker price could be closer to a brand-new car and you have to decide if used is the best choice. 

Tire condition

Once you spot the car you want to pay attention to the tire’s condition.  It makes no sense to buy a used car and all the tires are bear with no tread. Make sure the tires are almost new.  Never purchase a used car if only some tires are in new condition and others need replacement. We want to feel confident driving off from the used car lot thinking you made a great decision.  It is possible to ask the dealership to incorporate new tires in the overall financial deal. 

What’s under the hood?

When you visit a used car lot, it’s best to take either a friend who’s a mechanic or someone who knows about cars.  This way you feel more confident in making a smart purchase. While walking around the lot ask to look under the hood.  Further, don’t forget to check underneath.  It’s not impossible to find a nice looking used car, and it’s bottom carriage it’s full of rust. The engine might look clean, but it’s best to start the car to see how it runs.  Use your mechanic friend to inspect the engine on the spot. There are some dealerships that might not allow this but ask anyway. Be direct and let them know you will not purchase if you can’t look under the hood.

Test drives

In our excitement of buying a used car, we forget about the test drive.  Request to take the used car for a spin around the block or on the highway. If any dealership refuses to let you drive the car, then you know there’s something fishy.  There’s no reason a customer cannot take a used car for a test drive to determine its condition. A test drive is crucial in making any final decision when car shopping. Do yourself a favor and avoid buying something that stops a few months later. You can always find  nissan tires chicago il in your area.


Used cars often have a lot of mileage on them.  Try purchasing those brands known to run forever.  You can find this out by an internet search for the manufacturer.  It’s never wise to buy any used car with over 300,000 miles.  However, if you find they build these types of cars, then it could be a good selection.  Cars with lots of mileage doesn’t mean the car won’t operate as expected. Talk with a mechanic to get suggestions on which cars are the best to purchase with several miles.

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