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How Social Media is Redefining News Today

With many populations around the globe enjoying good access to the internet, the digital landscape has caused a shift in the many matters are handled in many components of our socioeconomic life, with media and marketing included. When you’re in the habit of reading interesting news every day, chances that you have sources other than your TV or the local newspaper. And that’s made possible by the many digital news organizations that exist online today that continue to rely heavily on social media to tell their stories and engage their audiences. Thus, social media hasn’t stopped playing a critical part in the way media companies manage to publish and promote their news material in whatever form, including video and articles.

Where Has Social Media Obtained the Power to Dictate the Way News is Dispersed?

Main media outlets are unable to survive without social media, and the main reason for this is that social networking site are the most popular online places today. As such, any individual that writes news articles for a living may not find you unless they try Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This is also very convenient for you as a reader, because, you want important news to find you where you’re online most of the time as opposed to you having to start searching for news on Google.
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Social Media Users Involvement in News
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A major pleasant element of news accessed via social media is that users can have a part to play in it in several ways. Some research has shown that half of social media users, such as Facebook, are involved in the sharing of news items in the form of images, articles, and videos. At the same time, almost half of social networking site users have discussed a news item, by commenting, tweeting, or liking.

Yet, there’s even smaller fraction of social media members that are covering their own news content and publishing it via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. This form of participation has had a role to play in news that has ultimately gone viral, for example stories on riots or natural disasters.

Can You Count on Social Networking to Receive Breaking News in a Timely Fashion?

It’s difficult to give an outright yes or no for that question. To begin with, social media platforms are not cast in the mould of news websites, and media outlets post news on their websites before publishing them on social media. Yet, if you’re asking how social media stacks up against TV or tomorrows daily as a source of breaking news, Facebook and Twitter may emerge victorious as they can notify you of the latest news wherever you may be, including when away from home.

But if you’re a news consumer, one way to stay updated is to pick a news website that you may also follow on social media for timely alerts.

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